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3999 One Month Course
  • English Speaking Skills
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Formal Writing Skills
  • Interview Practice with Experts

Are you a college student?

soft skills

are required in every industry and your chances of getting a job depends on it

Our programs start with a level assessment test from which we identify the strength and weaknesses and work on your reading and writing skills.   

All our classes are live and online and conducted in flexible timings

Yes, we conduct grammar classes to take your English speaking and writing skills to an advanced level. 

You will get daily worksheets to improve your grammar. 

Daily conversation practice, mock interviews, presentation activities and language endurance games will help you improve your spoken english.

This course will help you crack viva, interviews and salary negotiations with style

Yes, all our activities are followed by a personalized feedback note from the experts so that you can work on your weak areas on your own time. Speaking fluent English is a skill that comes with practice. 

Upgrade your skills and get job-ready with an experiential learning course designed by industry experts.

Do your job interviews leave the recruiters unimpressed?
Do your emails fail to motivate the reader?
Don't let poor communication skills hold you back from landing great opportunities.
With our extensively designed online program, learn how to make the right impression with your verbal and non-verbal expression.

Through interactive live classes focused on various components like speaking, listening, writing and debating skills, this course will help enhance your communication abilities.
You will gain confidence through well-structured exercises, mock sessions and assignments.
Industry professionals will guide you on overcoming weaknesses and valuing strengths.
Sharpen your resume, interviews and networking skills with personalized feedback.

An all-inclusive curriculum, exam-style assessments and mentorship offer robust career-ready learnings. This is a one-stop solution to upgrade your communication competence at your own pace. Join now to equip yourself with powerful capabilities valued by top recruiters across domains. Invest in this course to boost your employability and get a head start in interviews and placements.

Key Features

MindCruize Soft Skills BootCamp covers all important aspects of english communication – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking

Live online classes with IIM-A Alumnus and Industry Experts so that your learning is time-bound and effective.

Interactive exercises and assignments for practice on real-world scenarios and corporate simulation.

Mock Interviews and career counselling sessions to help with job search and placements.

Verbal Communication

Master effective speaking, learn to speak clearly in interviews and group discussions.

Non-verbal Communication

Understand body language, eye contact and other non-verbal cues that create a strong impression.

Listening Skills

Learn active listening techniques to understand requirements better and respond appropriately.

Written Communication

Polish email etiquette, cover letter and resume writing for positive readership.

Objection Handling

Handle objections confidently and think on your feet during interviews and group discussions.

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