Money Masters

Summer Skill Workshop on “Financial Literacy” as per NEP2020

Building financial intelligence among the #Teens of Bharat

Learning how to save for a dream purchase with #budgeting skills

Students embark on an exciting journey of learning how to save for a dream purchase using budgeting skills. Whether it's a coveted gaming console, a special trip, or a prized possession, students will discover the power of financial planning and responsible saving to achieve their desired goals.

Differentiating between needs & wants. decoding the #value of Money

Through financial literacy education, students gains an understanding of the value of money and the concept of earning. They will learn to make wise spending decisions, differentiating between needs and wants, and develops good saving habits that will serve him well into adulthood.

Setting up financial goals for #Higher Education

Students gain insights into college expenses, financial aid options, importance of scholarships and the concept of ROI in Higher Education. These skills & approach increases their chances of securing scholarships and achieving her goal of attending her preferred college without overwhelming student loan debt.

4 Weeks of experiential learning on skills like:

Learn how to shine with 21st Century Skills like:

  • Collaborative Decision Making

  • Budgeting as a Team

  • Entrepreneurship & Teamwork

  • Financial Community Service Projects

  • Understanding the basic concepts of Finance

  • Barter system

  • Needs & wants

  • Bill/Cash Memo

  • Needs & sources of borrowing

  • Evolution of Money

  • Types of Banks

  • How to open a Bank Account

  • Banking Operations

  • Role of RBI

  • Do’s & Don’ts for Online Banking

Meet the Coaches

Abhinandan Singh

Career Coach
Ex Consultant - WTC Mumbai, Lawsikho, India Beach Fashion Week

Gautam Kumar

Ex- upGrad, GetMyUni, ICICI Bank, Electrotherm (YoBike)

Muskaan Chauhan

Lead - Counselling Projects
Certified EMDR Therapist, Psychologist, 2000+ Counselled Students

Ex. Sgt. A.K Singh

Lead - Outreach Programs
Ex- Indian Air Force, Reliance, HCL,

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